Wastepaper is abundantly available in India. Yet the Indian paper industry depends heavily on imports. MONALI ZEYA HAZRA finds out why

Wooden monitors to protect environs

toxicity unleashed: In a controversial move, the EU has legalised the herbicide paraquat even as the bloc's own risk classification and labelling lists the chemical as acutely toxic. The US, too, has

An Elglish translation has been made exactly 300 years after the Hortus Malabricus was written, new, sinister designs seem to lurking behind it biopiracy

In India, where 500 million people out of about 1,000 million depend on forests for their survival, any sweet talk about wood consumption is bound to elicit a strong reaction. A study suggesting India s forest cover has improved due to an increase in th

Environmental groups in the US and Canada have got together and filed a suit in a federal district court in Washington DC, challenging the US' continued use of wood preservatives containing arsenic

Headloaders collectors of fuelwood in India's woodlands. On the one hand, seen as forest destroyers, on the other, they are the sole support of a multi billion dollar market. RICHARD MAHAPATRA follows one of them from dawn to dusk to learn about the str

Indonesia's tropical forests are fast dwindling, courtesy rampant illegal logging. Taking stock of the situation, the country has now imposed a permanent ban on log exports. In October 2001, a joint

People in northeast India fear bamboo flowering. According to an ancient belief when bamboos flower, there is death and destruction.

Supreme Court order may benefit Andaman natives