THE WORLD'S largest exporter of hardwood plywood, Indonesian tycoon Prajogo Pangestu, is having to defend himself against criticism that he has close links with President Suharto. Prajogo has

IN A BID to protect its forests from a voracious, microscopic pest called the pinewood nematode, the European Community (EC) has banned imports of untreated softwood lumber from Canada. The ban

Ignoring environmental considerations, Thailand has reopened its teak trade with Myanmar, but world opinion against the radical Khmer Rouge has blocked similar trade with Cambodia.

Wasps are among insects that live in highly organised colonies with a clear line of authority. But a wasp species studied recently disclosed some unique social traits.

When Garhchiroli district collector Subrath Rathod seized a truck illegally transporting teak in Maharashtra last September, an enquiry was held and it showed that illegal timber-felling in eastern

A scheme under which 75,000 families were to each get and maintain two ha of forest land has been put on hold following fears that it would privatise common land that provides firewood and fodder.

The pressing need for foreign exchange is being cited as the reason for the government giving in to demands from timber traders to be allowed to export.

A CPWD proposal to ban use of timber in construction has generated friction between manufacturers of wood substitutes and plywood, with each side claiming their product is superior.

A UN ban on export of hardwood from Cambodia notwithstanding, Thai loggers continue to exploit loopholes and carry wood across the border.

Malaysia is gaining support to fight industrialised countries who are pressing for a ban on logging in the tropical rainforests. Its partners in the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)