An open invitation to avaricious plantation companies, the proposed Karnataka Land Reform Act amendments will Hurt poor farmers

In a belated step to conserve the nation's depleted forest resources, the Kampuchean government has announced a complete ban on the exports of logs and sawn timber. As if to set the seal on its

The informed environmentalist will find it difficult to agree with the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) decision to ban the use of wood in its buildings and -- defying all ecological logic --

Malaysia is infuriated by Australia's moves to ban logging by foreign companies in South Pacific countries

The Central Public Works Department has banned the use of wood in its construction projects, ignoring the fact that the substitutes are more ecologically harmful and mainly depend on non renewable sources of raw materials

The huge forest fire that swept New South Wales smoked out into the open a debate over the government's weak fire fighting strategy.

Though scientists have developed a way to saw eucalyptus wood without cracking or twisting it, furniture makers aren't convinced of its utility.

Faced with food surpluses, farmers in the UK are being encouraged to plant trees on part of their land and sell wood as fuel for heating or generating electricity.

ALTHOUGH world trade in forest products continues to be dominated by the industrialised countries, exports of forest products have come to play an important economic role in many developing

Greenhouses made of plastic and wood are creating a green revolution in Ladakh.