Sale Logged Indonesia plans to impose a permanent ban on export of logs to save its forests. Over-logging has nearly destroyed the country's rain forests. Realising this, it had imposed a ban on

Big No To Chips Greens are pro

wood markets could be created to the advantage of both industry and rural communities

In a bid to stop mahogony trade, a Brazilian government decree has suspended all forest management plans for logging mahogany in the states of Paro, Mato, Grosso and Acre. The announcement, approved

Logging makes rainforest regions susceptible to destruction, proves a study. Researchers from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Germany, studied the recently-logged regions on the south-east Asian

The MP government makes amends for the Dewas killing

Under the Lok Vaniki scheme, a farmer can extract benefits from his land by selling its produce, including timber

Deforestation, corruption or politics? The killing of four tribals in Madhya Pradesh s Dewas district leaves many questions unanswered

Down To Earth articles on shahtoosh and Veerappan provoke comment. We decided to excerpt them. But first, the editor s rejoinder

The Indian pulp and paper industry reacts positively to the first Green Rating Project conducted by Centre for Science and Environment