Exposure to wood dust can cause cancer

Workers in the wood industry face higher risk of cancer

Having done precious little to clean up its polluting act in the past 30 years, a Kerala factory is indirectly blackmailing the state government with a closure notice if it does not get raw material at dirt cheap rates

The wood market today needs to be organised in a way that millions of wood farmers can meet the country s growing wood needs

THE Japanese have come up with a process that makes wood resistant to fire, decay and warping. Earlier attempts at improving one of the 3 attributes invariably worsened at least 1 of the other 2.

An Australian tree offers wood that can replace teak for furniture

Indonesia's decision to comply with the International Timber Trade Organisation's policy on tropical timber, has sparked fears of an adverse impact on trade.

ECONOMIC demands are nullifying the efforts of the World Wide Fund for Nature, which is trying to save the rich biological diversity of the Sulieman mountain range in Pakistan. The Chilghoza pines

Eco labelling of timber products is around the corner with the launch of the Forest Stewardship Council, which brings together businesspersons, environmentalists and human rights groups.

New thinking on forestry management calls for reducing the emphasis on sustainable timber production and concentrating instead on the protection of countries' ecosystems.