The budgetary proposal to double the coal cess will make solar power more competitive by increasing the cost of the dry fuel, a report by Mercom Capital Group today said, adding increased cost may

Nagpur: Even after Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) of the Union ministry of environment, forests and climate change has put the commercialization of genetically modified (GM) mustard,

India and the US have engaged multiple times to settle the long-running solar power trade dispute through mutually agreed solution at the World Trade Organization (WTO), Parliament was informed tod

India hopes to reach a mutual understanding with the US on the contentious issue of domestic sourcing conditions in New Delhi’s solar energy programme by February 24, when the third extension given

With the formation of the World Trade Organization in 1995, the United States farm subsidies had moved towards income support, reducing spending on price support measures. The explicit reason was that the WTO had held that the latter forms were more market distorting and had thus put limits on their spending. The new Farm Act 2014 has changed the orientation of farm spending in the opposite direction. Pricebased measures are back in focus, and the US seems less concerned about breaching its WTO limits.

New Delhi:India has thrown the ball in US court as they inch towards settling a three year-old WTO dispute over domestic content requirement in New Delhi's solar power plan as both sides look for w

NEW DELHI: Domestic solar manufacturers are alarmed over a proposal the government has sent to the World Trade Organization, seeking compromise in the dispute over the domestic content requirement

Countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO) have agreed to abolish subsidies on farming exports.

With just a week for the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) ministerial meeting to commence in Nairobi, talks remain deadlocked with no end in sight for India's demand to find a permanent solution to

Despite the reservations of developed countries, India will pitch for the conclusion of the Doha Round, permanent solution to the food security issue and protection to farmers from sudden surge in