Zimbabwe, which is hosting the June convention on endangered species, is fighting for right to controlled trade in ivory

Wildlife conservation has been a contentious issue with indigenous communities for whom wildlife remains a valuable source of income. The people of Masoka, a village in northern Zimbabwe, have tried

The people of southern Zimbabwe have found a variety of ways and means to upgrade the quality of the environment in their part of the world

Animal rights activists recently came to blows with the members of Akef Egyptian Circus while campaigning to drive them out of Zimbabwe. They alleged that the circus was just a camouflage for

ZIMBABWE's socialist government passed the Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Act in July, to the consternation of the nation's NGO community. NGOs believe the Act will expose them

The world's largest exporter of flue-cured tobacco last year, is confident of getting higher prices on the international market this season despite an aggressive worldwide anti-smoking lobby. The

Zimbabwe is gearing up for a bone dry period ahead. A so-called rainy season actually left the country high and dry, and turned out to be drier than the great drought of 1992. And the

Zimbabwean farmers, already under severe stress, thanks to a meagre and delayed rainy season, are now pitted against an army with a difference. Their croplands have been invaded by an "army worm" --

A programme in Zimbabwe strives to conserve wildlife and maintain development on the premise that villagers will utilise natural resources in a sustainable manner if they can perceive the benefits to them

ZIMBABWEAN authorities at the Gonarezhou National Park are going ahead with their plan to cull elephant and impala herds by as much as one-third to ensure the survival of other species, including