The Zimbabwean government intends to nationalise all farmland

Zimbabwe's farmers and miners are fighting each other ever since the government embarked on its land reform programme. Before the reforms, most of Zimbabwe's small-scale mining was carried out on

Poachers are using widespread farm invasion as a pretext to kill Zimbabwe's rarest animal species, wildlife reserve officials and environmen

Zimbabwean soldiers are plundering the

Grain production in Zimbabwe has increased by 500 per cent, thanks to the use of a "biofertiliser'

ZAMBEZI societr,: local NGO, is administering a pilot research project to find ways of conserving sites in the Zambezi basin which are under threat and are not protected within the national parks

The translocation of surplus wildlife from a Zimbabwean park evokes mixed responses

Conservationist groups in Zimbabwe are in a tizzy over the plans recently announced by the government for "getting rid of surplus elephants". Peter Mundy, chief ecologist of Zimbabwe's wildlife

Scientists trying to accurately forecast droughts in Zimbabwe have found that the country's maize production is more dependent on El Nino -- a warm water current that occurs in the Pacific Ocean and

ZIMBABWE has been dehorning rhinos for almost a year in a desperate attempt to save them from poachers. The country's rhinoceros population has declined from 2,000 a year ago to less than 500 today.