Amnesty International has released satellite images as evidence of the devastation caused by Zimbabwe's programme of demolishing houses, carried out last year. They used satellite images of Porta

Zimbabwe is importing unmilled, genetically modified (gm) maize from Argentina, despite a ban on it. According to Reuters, local traders said that Argentinean ships loaded with yellow maize (a gm

The Zimbabwe government's allegedly politically motivated clean-up operation targeting illegal settlements has invited the ire of the un, the us and the eu. The recently launched crackdown on

• Zimbabwe's government has moved, once again, to close down the country's only independent newspaper. On January 23, 2004, the Daily News appeared on newsstands for the first time in six

• Participants in the first ever World Summit on the Information Society

A 500-kilometre electric fence, feels Botswana, will keep most of its problems out. It is erecting the fence along its border with Zimbabwe to purportedly prevent cattle infected with foot-and-mouth

WSSD clearly illustrated the hatred of the US bullying tactics

While Malawi has decided to mill genetically modified (gm) food from the us, Zambia is still resolute on its decision not to accept gm maize. Zimbabwe, on the other hand, has instituted a milling

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