The government of Zimbabwe plans to construct biofuel plants in all its 10 provinces by 2010. Under the plan, massive jatropha plantations will be initiated after January 2008. "The plant grows well

During the first 40 years of British colonial rule in Zimbabwe, from 1890 to 1930, European farmers and miners established commercial farms and mines (in prime natural regions

The chief of Zimbabwe's national broadcast body has admitted that there is political interference in editorial policy. "We have been reporting on the basis of deception,' said Henry Muradzikwa,

After a four-day-long summit of the 14-nation South African Development Community (sadc) in Lusaka, Zambia, the region's leaders have said: "We feel the problem in Zimbabwe has been exaggerated;

In the last week of April, the Zimbabwean government invited two un bodies to conduct a joint food-security survey in the country. The Food and Agriculture Organization (fao) and the World Food

Zimbabwe has announced plans for culling and contraception to slow down rampant elephant population growth. The announcement comes close to a recent incident in which a rogue elephant trampled to

The Zimbabwean government has deployed soldiers to seize grain harvests from farmers. The "massive grain collection exercise' is to ensure food security, as the country falls 1.8 million tonnes short


Amnesty International has released satellite images as evidence of the devastation caused by Zimbabwe's programme of demolishing houses, carried out last year. They used satellite images of Porta

Zimbabwe is importing unmilled, genetically modified (gm) maize from Argentina, despite a ban on it. According to Reuters, local traders said that Argentinean ships loaded with yellow maize (a gm