Zimbabwe's proposal for reopening ivory trade is one of the hot issues at this year's Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) meeting this month. The Southern African

Tinytech, a mechanised oil expeller imported from India, is doing wonders for the villagers of Gokwe in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. A smallscale oil milling business in Gokwe has

Private farms, cattle ranches and indigenous people help in managing wild animals, thereby giving a fillip to Zimbabwe s wildlife conservation policy

Burglars beware! Harare is fast emerging as an ideal venue for 'watch-snakes'. Zimbabwe has a low rate of violent crimes but a fairly large number of burglaries. As most jobs offer a month's

Zimbabwe, which is hosting the June convention on endangered species, is fighting for right to controlled trade in ivory

Wildlife conservation has been a contentious issue with indigenous communities for whom wildlife remains a valuable source of income. The people of Masoka, a village in northern Zimbabwe, have tried

The people of southern Zimbabwe have found a variety of ways and means to upgrade the quality of the environment in their part of the world

Animal rights activists recently came to blows with the members of Akef Egyptian Circus while campaigning to drive them out of Zimbabwe. They alleged that the circus was just a camouflage for

ZIMBABWE's socialist government passed the Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Act in July, to the consternation of the nation's NGO community. NGOs believe the Act will expose them

The world's largest exporter of flue-cured tobacco last year, is confident of getting higher prices on the international market this season despite an aggressive worldwide anti-smoking lobby. The