In a move that potentially puts India's elephants at risk, China was on Tuesday approved as trading partner for stockpiles of ivory from Africa by the 57th Standing Committee meeting of the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) in Geneva. A decision was taken to allow 108 tonnes of ivory, from Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe to be sold to China as a possible partner; before this, Japan was approved as a trading partner, which means an auction will be held to decide which country purchases the ivory.

RUSUTSU: The leaders of top industrialised countries focused on two of the world's main concerns on Tuesday

Maize streak virus (MSV; family Geminiviridae, genus Mastrevirus), the causal agent of maize streak disease, ranks amongst the most serious biological threats to food security in subSaharan Africa. Although five distinct MSV strains have been
currently described, only one of these

In the face of an economic meltdown, Zimbabwe has suspended import duty on basic commodities for 90 days, with effect from May 12. The cost of imported basic commodities has sky-rocketed since

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe defended land policies blamed for devastating his country's agricultural sector, asserting at a U.N. food summit Tuesday that the West was trying to cripple the nation's economy. Mugabe's presence at a summit addressing high global food prices sparked protests from some world leaders. He is blamed for the economic collapse of a country once considered a regional breadbasket and Zimbabweans increasingly are unable to afford food and other essentials. MUGABE SLAMMED: Critics attack Zimbabwean for attending summit

Payments for environmental services (PES) have been distinguished from the more common integrated conservation and development projects on the grounds that PES are direct, more cost-effective, less complex institutionally, and therefore more likely to produce the desired results.

>> An aboriginal community in Western Australia has warned companies operating on the Burrup Peninsula that it will fight to protect ancient rock art in the area. The association of the Ngarluma

Drought To Worsen Zimbabwe Food Situation

Drought To Worsen Zimbabwe Food Situation

The Zimbabwean government has reclaimed about 1,450 farms from resettled farmers, also known as A2 farmers, after a recent land audit revealed that the new farmers were not using their farms