At 4 pm on Monday and at 8 am on Tuesday, sound levels from festivities, as the city bid adieu to their favourite deity during the immersion procession (visarjan) crossed permissible limits, though

With a rise in number of dengue patients, scientists at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) have urged Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to send blood samples of suspected dengue cases within f

Last year, more than 545,500 Indians who did not suffer from HIV died from TB, males were almost twice as likely to be victims of the deadly disease, says a new report that will be published online

The government resolution notifying the scheme was issued on May 20.

Rajendra Kumar, Rajkot’s district collector, has had a first-hand experience of the disease his office is tracking.

Pune, home to an H1N1 outbreak in 2009, is battling a fresh one with 232 found positive since January.

Short-term exposure to major air pollutants appears to increase heart failure risks, according to a data review from 12 countries published in the medical journal The Lancet Wednesday.

At least 10-12 children per 10,000 population will develop cancer in India annually. Out of 60,000 children afflicted with this disease, only one out of 10 receives complete therapy. According to researchers with the new Lancet Oncology series published on Tuesday, the burden is likely to increase if cases are not detected early.

Even as the new series has sent messages to various governments to develop strategies for childhood cancer, for the first time the National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research in Bangalore will come out with a report on the incidence of different types of childhood cancers in India. Dr A Nandakumar, director in charge of the centre, said that leukaemias, lymphomas and retinoblastomas are very common in India.

Xpert, the quick test for tuberculosis already endorsed by WHO, has been found accurate for TB including drug-resistant strains, according to a new study publsihed in The Cochrane Library.

WHO in 2010 endorsed the two-hour, molecular diagnostic TB test, which requires little skilled expertise. With the cost of the test now reduced to under $10 per cartridge thyanks to several donors, it is being rolled out in more than 20 countries including India.