The Union Government, especially the Ministry for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj deserve all credit for declaring 2009-2010 the year of the Gram Sabha

At a time of when the extension of panchayati raj to the entire country is frequently cited as a major achievement of India's democracy, there are thousands of villagers who are still deprived of the coverage of panchayati raj and its numerous benefits. These villagers are called taungya settlers.

FOR several centuries the Ganga and Yamuna rivers have remained a lifeline for crores of people apart from supporting abundant aquatic life as well as other animals and birds. These rivers have been a source of reverence and inspiration for countless people and Ganga-Yamuna culture has left an indelible print on the life of India and its neighbourhood.

Kol tribals in Patha region of Chitrakut district (Uttar Pradesh) have taken a big step forward in exposing the corruption which prevents the benefits of various government schemes from reaching them.

THE protection of forests and rivers is at the heart of protecting the ecology of the Himalayas. But any long-term, sustainable effort must include the concerns of people living near forests and rivers.

While driving across the dusty countryside of Ajmer district in Rajasthan, some surprises await you at the Tilonia village. Here, you find villagers working diligently on computers, in a solar energy centre, and in a mini-electronics telephone exchange!

Coastal erosion may reshape the Arctic coast completely THE rate of coastal erosion in the Arctic is one of the highest in the world. It has doubled over the past 52 years and is accelerating. This spells trouble for communities living by the shore such as the Shishmaref in Alaska and the Tuktoyaktuk in Canada. Researchers studied the Arctic coast and found that reduction of ice cover has

For as long as they can recall, Kol tribals in the Chitrakut district of Uttar Pradesh, depended on the forest for food and livelihood. The jungle was an old and trusted friend yielding nutritious mahua, anvla and chiraunji. Tribals could earn money by selling such forest produce and by plucking tendu leaves. But since the last five years, this tried and tested support system is crumbling.

There is a huge potential to make villages self-reliant in energy by choosing a location-specific mix of windmills, micro-hydel and watermills, solar energy, bio-gas etc. report by Bharat Dogra

The government needs to learn from the hundreds of farmers who, right in the so-called suicide zones of Vidarbha, have initiated efforts for debt-free, low-cost, environment-friendly farming practices, says Bharat Dogra