New Delhi: India is set to overtake China and become the world's largest emitter of sulphur dioxide, an air pollutant that is generated when coal is burnt and can lead to severe haze, acid rain and

- Researchers label capital scheme a failure, NGO sees significant outcome

The Union cabinet today approved India's intention to ratify the Paris agreement on October 2, pushing the document closer to coming into force and ensuring India's contribution to the rulebook on

India's monsoon is in no danger of catastrophic collapse in response to global warming and air pollution, two atmospheric scientists said today, refuting earlier predictions that the monsoon could

The primary contributors to the sharp rise in global temperatures are humans in a sea-ice region of the Arctic Ocean, scientists have observed polar bears stalking, killing and eating other polar bears. Many species of plants across the middle and higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere are now flowering earlier than a few years ago. Migratory birds in Europe, Asia and Australia are arriving early. And the population of Emperor Penguins in parts of Antarctica has dropped by half over the past 50 years.