The US has reached a preliminary decision on punitive duties for Chinese solar manufacturers. An anti-dumping case is also now on the cards in the European Union. What are its chances of success?

Germany is outraged at major cuts for solar electricity and at the possibility of cuts to other renewables being snuck in through the back door.

China remains the largest wind market in the world, but the domestic sector is facing a tough period of consolidation. New regulations aim to improve quality and grid integration.

The solar industry is slipping into crisis. But alongside the failures, there are some spectacular successes. And thanks to falling prices, many a project may find it easier to meet the yield expectations of the banks.

Four Members of European Parliament discuss the renewable energy directive and Europe


The international momentum of renewables is leading to new proprietary structures. Will future wind and solar parks be predominantly owned by utilities or can independent power producers hold their ground? Financially strong players and experienced project developers are well positioned.

China's wind industry is booming. But manufacturing capacity growth is out stripping the market. The competition is squeezing margins; international providers are falling behind as national champions pull ahead.

After harsh contention the conservative and social democrats forming the fractious German government have agreed on a revision of the Renewable Energy Sources Act that regulates clean power promotion. Dispute was sharpest over provisions of photovoltaics.