Raipur: Fondly called as 'cutest falcon' among the birdwatchers, Amur Falcon a small raptor that breeds in south-eastern Siberia and Northern China was spotted for the first time in Central India w

Raipur: Listed among one of the most polluted cities in country, Chhattisgarh capital has witnessed significant fall in pollution level in 2015 as measured on scale of sulfur-dioxide (SO2), nitroge

RAIPUR: Taking serious note of increasing noise pollution in state and its adverse effects Chhattisgarh government instructed all district collectors to establish complaint's cell for registration

Driven to desperation, a crowd of over 300 agitated local tribals protested and pelted stones at forest officer's residence when elephants destroyed houses of more than three families at Dharamjaig

RAIPUR: Six people have died in last three days owing to heat even as temperature continued to remain high at 44.1 degrees celsius on Monday.

RAIPUR: As heat-wave continues to grip state capital, three persons died here of heat stroke in last three days with temperature soaring to highest on Sunday to 45.9 degree celsius.

During a research on migratory birds conducted by Chhattisgarh forest research and training institute, a rare and endangered species of white vulture was spotted at Sahaspur forest range of Kawardh

RAIPUR: With forests of Bhoramdeo and Achanakmar becoming safe spots for pregnant tigresses of neighbouring Kanha Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, there are indications that Chhattisgarh's Bhoramdeo may soon be declared a tiger corridor.

With frequent sighting of tigers in these regions, Wildlife Trust of India now plans to conduct a survey on scientific study on tiger corridor in Chhattisgarh, which is scheduled to begin from January 2, 2014 and would continue for 3-4 months.