An experimental vaccine against the lethal Ebola virus has been administered to humans for the first time in November 2003. If the trial proves successful, then the vaccine will be commercialised by 2006, a decade sooner than the time, it was thought, it

The international clinical trial business could come to India in a big way. The most advanced drugs might be available to Indians as soon as the research is finalised. A lot of Indians could get free treatment, also contributing to the development of new

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Quality of Standards of Indian Medicinal Plants, Volume 1, Published by ICMR, 2003 Rs 600

Firecrackers not up to the mark

Incessant rains and the resultant stagnant water in canals and fields have spawned a malaria epidemic in the western part of the state

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Can cure ringworm infection

A seemingly harmless germ has been on a killing spree. This is what has been detected by the National Institute of Virology in respect of the mystery disease that has claimed more than 250 lives in Andhra Pradesh. The culprit, say researchers from the Pun