Indian systems of medicine could receive a big boost if they could yield a cure for just one major disease. And, theoretically, there can be a cure in traditional systems for HIV / AIDS. For HIV depresses the immune system and traditional medicines are sa

Indian exporters of chilli products are smarting. The EU has all but shut the door on them after recently detecting the presence of Sudan red 1, a carcinogenic industrial dye, in one of their consignments to France. And the Spices Board of India has crack

Hepatitis B vaccine should not be administered to all children

The paanwallah doubling up as a condom vendor ad has been taken off the air. Instead, Doordarshan will show a village council member warning women about aids and exhorting them to be faithful. The shift in focus heralds a drastic change in India s

It is only now that the state is being put on the cancer map of India. Ironically, even the late inclusion has been necessitated by an Indian Council of Medical Research - WHO project to develop a cancer atlas of the country

By May 2003, the European Council was supposed to have reached a consensus on a directive that seeks to regulate the supply of herbal products in the European Union market. Once implemented this in tandem with two other regulations could rob consumers

Many terminally ill cancer patients have found succour in the last stages of their life at this Shanti Avedna Ashram , set up in 1978 by oncologist L J de Souza in Mumbai

victims of arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh exuded optimism as proceedings of the case against the British Geological Survey (bgs) got underway in the uk recently. The case was filed in the year

Learning from Lorenzo's oil

CII study recommends greater private role in India's healthcare sector, but the document centres around the lucrative tertiary care market only