>> Sicko, Produced and directed by Michael Moore, 125 minutes, USA Michael Moore has penchant for turning polemics into cinema. And good cinema at that. His first film, Roger and

The Indian Council of Medical Research (icmr) has recently purchased access rights to contents published in the uk-based Cochrane library's website. It contains evidence to assist decision-making

A toxic conduit into the body

By giving up on traditional oils, we lose out on nutrition

But a poor way to bell the malnutrition cat

Standard of living determines a child s height

It is an obvious business risk for a farmer to give up growing conventional crops that have assured returns and start growing medicinal plants. But the book under review shows precisely how to reduce such risk; indeed, such risk is entirely justified. Wri

In april this year, California became the first us state to introduce a bill to biomonitor breast milk. Activists and researchers hope that once this legislation is passed, it will help people realise that mothers pass on toxic material to their offspring

An attempt to revive vanishing medicinal plants through cultivation

a study carried out in Delhi has added another dimension to the effect of vehicular pollution on human health. Re