The nature of agricultural diversification differs across regions due to wide heterogeneity in agro climatic and socio-economic conditions. Generally, the pattern of agricultural diversification shows a shift from crop production to livestock production during the 1980s to 1990s.

This study has been undertaken to assess the development patterns of agriculture sector in Punjab and the identification of the constraints operating in the agricultural sector dealing with land, labour, irrigation, credit etc.

Kullu is a major growing district of Himachal Pradesh. The study was undertaken with the specific objective to examine the cost of cultivation of garlic in the valley in terms of various farm management cost concepts.

Irrigation is human being's efforts to substitute for any deficiency in natural rainfall with the objective of a steady expansion in crop output. The impact of irrigation on income/output is a difference between the magnitude of irrigated and un-irrigated income/over all crop yield per hectare.

The rising gap between demand and production of edible oils has led to a fast rise in imports of vegetable oils since the eighties. About one half of current consumption of edible oils in recent years (1998-2002) is being met through imports. The policy of self-sufficiency in edible oils resulted in higher level of protection of oilseeds.