The public can be sensitised to the extent of air pollution

The river basin had witnessed an unprecedented water scarcity last summer

SI Synod supports Gadgil panel report for protecting the Western Ghats

BSI attempt is part of a three-year research programme

An enthusiastic crowd of Ministers, villagers and environmentalists join the cause of the once vibrant Varattar river

Crackdown on units flouting pollution norms to continue

Alternative medicine can cause long-term harm to the liver and kidneys

Last census, in 2012, had put the number of elephants at 6,177 in the State

An elephant census will be held in southern India from May 17 to May 19.

Payment of compensation to endosulfan victims

Allege that CIAL is ignoring the orders of the Additional District Magistrate on restoring the damaged stretch of the river at Arippara