World Diabetes Day was observed by the Kochi branch of the Indian Medical Association, Kerala Government Medical Officers’ Association and State chapter of the Research Society for the Study of Dia

Humans will not contract virus, culling to begin tomorrow

Muhamma grama panchayat to implement scheme through schools in November

Corpn. not to have any financial liability; industrialist to invest Rs.10 crore

Solution lies in concerted effortsby government and society, says expert

Climate change could aggravate threats posed by land use changes

The Wayanad Vana Naseekarana Virudha Samara Samiti, an umbrella organisation of environmental organisations in the district, has urged the government to launch eco-restoration projects to mitigate

Tribunal asks govt. to explain steps taken to declare bird sanctuary as ESA

To check organised crime that endangers environment and public health

Cheruvayal Raman, a tribal farmer, has helped in conserving 45 varieties of rice seeds