A Pew Research Center survey, released last week as part of a broader report on science and society, found that only 50 percent of Americans believe that humans are mostly responsible for climate c

The White Clay Creek dam was the first ever removed in the state of Delaware, but it was far from the only one removed in the United States last year.

LAKE POWELL, Utah—In early September, at the abandoned Piute Farms marina on a remote edge of southern Utah's Navajo reservation, we watched a ten-foot (three-meter) waterfall plunging off what use

Orangutans are endangered.

Scientists assigned a grade for global ocean health on Tuesday, giving the world's waters a "D" on an annual oceans report card, citing overfishing, pollution, climate change, and lack of protectio

More people are eating local and organic foods and plan to consume less meat and bottled water.

Trees growing higher on the slopes will soak up water before it can run into rivers, study says.

Climate change and chemicals like pesticides are driving the crisis.

Sixteen-foot waves are buffeting an area of the Arctic Ocean that until recently was permanently covered in sea ice—another sign of a warming climate, scientists say.

The report says that logging in the area may have played a role.