When UN Secretary-General Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change Michael R.

After years of delay, Brazil has approved the creation of a sprawling reserve that would protect a highly vulnerable tribe of isolated nomads along one of the most volatile frontier regions in the

It’s hard to ignore a red colobus monkey in the forests of Equatorial Guinea’s Bioko Island, off the coast of Cameroon.

Earth’s seasonal clock is out-of-whack.

As cities around the world look for ways to implement the Paris Declaration and meet the ambition of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), C40 is showcasing 100 real world examples of projects

Trade in bioengineered rhino horn shouldn’t be allowed. That's the contention behind a petition filed today with the U.S.

Why? Because poor Tanzanian fishermen are using explosives, illegally, to kill hundreds of fish in seconds.

Deep in the remote tropical forests of the northern Andes, scientists have discovered three new species of extremely rare snake.

A new scanner could help Thai law enforcement tell right away whether an object for sale is sourced illegally.

SAN FRANCISCO—A toxin produced by marine algae can impair sea lions' memory, scientists reported Monday, making it difficult for sick sea lions to find their way to food.