One of the strongest El Ninos and the onslaught of global warming have put Hong Kong on course for its hottest year on record.

The Communist Party has vowed to completely ban logging in natural forests for commercial purposes in the next five years.

Hong Kong has earned a reputation as an international city with high living standards. However, it continues to be affected by high air pollution levels, congestion, and an overall lack of space.

Singapore’s air quality reached “very unhealthy” levels on Thursday as thick smog from forest fires in Indonesia’s neighbouring island of Sumatra choked the city-state.

Soldering materials were one of the main causes of the lead-in-water scandal, according to the chairman of a review committee on fresh water quality in public estates.

China is to introduce new vehicle emission standards by the end of next year, state media reported.

Water with lead levels nearly 80 times World Health Organisation safety standards has been found at the Hong Kong public housing estate where the city’s tainted water scandal began, in the latest r

Smog from forest fires in Indonesia on Tuesday prompted the cancellation of flights and warnings for people to stay indoors, while pushing air quality to unhealthy levels in neighbouring Singapore

Narrow pipes installed with materials welded together with lead could be responsible for excessive levels of the heavy metal found in Hong Kong water, a member of the task force set up to investiga

Officials from China and the United States have taken a major step towards an agreement to advance “clean coal” technologies that claim to reduce the fuel’s contribution to climate change — and cou