Hong Kong was shrouded in higher-than-normal pollution yesterday as "very high" levels were recorded across some of the busiest areas of the city.

Floods and heavy rain have killed more than 100 people and inflicted 35 billion yuan (HK$44 billion) in losses across the country so far this year, according to a report by a state-owned newspaper.

Those who make do without are polluting water and jeopardising health for millions

A "natural Great Wall” may have spurred biodiversity in East Africa, according to an international study led by Chinese researchers.

Residents of Shanghai's Jinshan district taking part in street protests against rumoured plans for a chemical plant in the area say there is no cause for relief, despite a promise by the government

Eric Chen Zixiang uses zebrafish embryos to help cosmetic and food firms find out whether their products contain harmful substances

Smokers and non-smokers both agree that larger graphic health warnings on cigarette packs will not be strong enough to deter people from the habit.

Green technology to turn fog into fresh water straight from the tap has put an end to exhausting daily treks to distant wells by village women in southwest Morocco.

China, the world’s biggest polluter, will sign a joint pledge with the European Union this month to seek a United Nations agreement to tackle climate change as one of “the greatest threats facing h

Chinese scientists have found a way to change the genetic make-up of a popular species of rice, a move they claim could ease the country’s chronic smog problem by lowering the amount of fertilisers