The quality of air and water near a school hit by a pollution scandal in which nearly 500 pupils have fallen ill, is “normal”, Chinese authorities say – though environmentalists and parents remain

People living near a chemical plant northern China have suffered from the effects of serious pollution created by a nearby factory for five years, but authorities have turned a blind eye to their c

Green groups say the Hong Kong government is failing to meet the 2020 Aichi Biodiversity Targets set by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity

China will likely face another massive flood as severe as the one it experienced in 1998, because of a strong, prolonged El Nino effect, says the state flood control authority.

Global warming might cause 7.3 million cubic metres of water to dry up every year by the turn of the century

Beijing has raised the subsidy for coal bed methane (cbm) production by half from this year to 2020 in a move to encourage exploration and production of the cleaner-burning fuel as part of its air

Activists alleging decades of neglect and the repeated failure of authorities to make good on clean up promises have effectively killed one of Rio de Janeiro’s most iconic waterways staged a protes

Farmers are illegally growing genetically modified corn in China’s northeast, said the environmental group Greenpeace on Wednesday, in a report that may generate further distrust of the government’

Green groups were not happy with the drop in pollutants and said interdepartmental cooperation should be strengthened.

Smog returned to Beijing and much of northern China late Sunday after a short respite on Saturday, with the weather authorities warning residents to prepare for moderate to heavy pollution for much