The government of Lengshuijiang city in China’s Hunan province has closed 11 antimony firms to consolidate their assets and form a bigger company as Beijing steps up controls of pollution and prote

A western Guangdong city has cancelled a plan to build an incinerator that prompted a protest - of up to 10,000 people on some accounts - during which three police cars were flipped and a duty offi

Human activity has had an "overwhelmingly" destructive effect on the natural environment in the region between Vietnam and the Tibetan plateau since the late Han Dynasty nearly two thousand years a

A blaze at a Fujian chemical plant roared back to life last night several hours after it was reportedly extinguished, fanning fears over public safety and environmental fallout from controversial p

Taiwan launched water rationing in some major cities on Wednesday as the island battled its worst drought in over a decade.

It follows the lowest rainfall in nearly 70 years.

Icebergs breaking away from the Antarctic ice sheets every year contain enough water to fill the Three Gorges reservoir nineteen times, according to a study by Chinese scientists.

The mainland spent more than 400 million yuan (HK$505 million) monitoring pollution in 177 cities last year, according to Wu Xiaoqing, vice-minister for environmental protection.

Experts cite study showing Hongkongers underestimate how vulnerable they are

Temperatures in the city are likely to hit new highs in the years ahead, Hong Kong's top weatherman has warned, as the city's Observatory predicted up to seven typhoons would come close in 2015.

The city has not seen any policy intervention with the power of producing "overnight" improvements in air quality for more than 25 years, according to a think tank researcher.