China’s top court has demanded heavy penalties for companies and individuals who violate the country’s food safety laws, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported late on Wednesday.

Harmful ozone pollution in Shanghai over the past 12 days has reached levels that are 1.5 times higher than the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit.

Mankind may be responsible for something we long thought out of our control: the changing of the seasons, according to a new study by Chinese and Canadian scientists.

The World Bank has unveiled a set of new social and environmental rules for its 188 member nations to receive financial assistance.

The latest round of government-sponsored testing found that more children, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women have health-threatening levels of lead in their blood as Hong Kong's tap water co

Construction of venues and snow-making may damage mountains that help protect city from dust, smog and drought, concern group says

Hong Kong commuters can expect to ride more on electric buses from later this year.

An alliance representing five public housing estates affected by the lead water scare has been formed to help residents seek compensation.

Workers are cleaning up a layer of rubbish floating along the banks of the Yangtze River in Chongqing province.

A major reservoir supplying drinking water to Beijing and many other cities in northern China has been found to contain heavy metal pollutants at levels far above safe standards, according to a new