Close to one third of all the food Kenyans prepared for Christmas and New Year festivities may have gone to waste, according to several estimates.

County National Drought Management Authority coordinator Francis Koma yesterday said a large population of residents will be struggling to put food on the table.

Isiolo and Tana River counties are likely to continue experiencing acute malnutrition until May.

Counties owe the Kenya Medical Supply Authority Sh2.6 billion.

More than Sh3 million needed for the protection of Kereita Forest in Kiambu county was raised at the weekend during an event dubbed, ‘Forest Challenge’.

South Africa, Chile, Oman and Sri Lanka want to follow in Kenya’s footsteps.

Iconic wildlife species such as rhinos and elephants could soon be wiped out if corruption continues to thrive.

Kenyan researchers will next month start testing Africa's first livestock vaccine against cattle lung disease.

Prices on the black market have almost tripled as traders flirt with jail terms and heavy fines.

The government has drafted a new Bill to improve waste management ahead of a United Nations Environment Assembly meeting that begins in Nairobi today.