Efforts to save the Mau Forest, a vital water tower, are being undermined by encroachment, soil erosion and politics, even as studies show an environmental disaster is unfolding.

Countries opposed to Kenya's bid to have the global trade of ivory banned are spoiling for a fight ahead of the United Nation's meeting next month in South Africa.

Latest forecasts indicate a 55-70 per cent chance of a La Niña developing towards the end of this year, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has said.

The National Environmental Management Authority has established an initiative, where school students and groups ‘adopt’ a river.

Researchers have developed maize varieties that are resistant to the necrosis disease.

Kenya has taken the war on illegal wildlife trade online, calling for increased training on cyber crime.

It is limited to African elephant ivory. It does not regulate ivory and bone derived from other animals, such as walruses, whales and mammoths

A study has linked cell phone radiation to rare cancers in rats and mice.

The production of hydro-power has dropped from 70 per cent in the 1980s to below 50 per cent, an expert has said.