This report is the second publication of the ongoing assessment of energy policymaking acrossthe globe by the World Energy Council (WEC). The long-term goal is to generate insights into practices in different countries.

This study aims to contribute to a better understanding of the critical linkages between water and energy and the impact on both of climate change. It identifies areas of opportunity where investment and new regulations are needed, to ensure sustainable global development. Human civilization has always rested on access to water, and, more specifically, on its utilization.

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WEC believes that relentless improvement of government energy policies and industry practices are needed, and that this can lead to a material advancement in their capabilities to effectively handle these energy transitions. To enable this

This study looks at trends in GHG emissions in different regions across the world, and analyses the major drivers. It provides an overview of the policies, strategies and measures being adopted and planned worldwide to combat climate change. It compares the different approaches adopted in different regions and the reasons for differences in emphasis. It assesses the measures in terms of their expected impacts on the key WEC objectives of energy accessibility, availability and acceptability.

This, the 22nd edition of the World Energy Council's Survey of Energy Resources (SER), is the latest in a long series of reviews of the status
of the world

This report from the Biofuels task force of the World Energy Council reviews the debate between supporters and opponents of Biofuels, against the backdrop of rapidly increasing energy demand. Skyrocketing prices of crude oil in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century accompanied by rising prices for food focused political and public attention on the role of biofuels.

This report outlines the energy-related challenges that cities, particularly large and 'mega-cities', will face during the coming decades. It analyses the technical and policy actions that must be taken to meet these challenges and the role the energy industry and business can play in designing and implementing efficient solutions