Tibet, nomenclatured "the roof of the world", still seems to maintain its pristine glory. According to a regional environmental survey published in capital Lhasa, the area, free of man-made

A RECENT UN accord on acid rain committed its 26 signatory nations to drastic cuts in sulphur dioxide emissions -- largely responsible for the phenomenon that wreaks havoc with humans, crops, lakes

By depleting the soil's calcium stocks, acid rain is indirectly leading to defects in the eggs of a European bird

ACID rain is playing havoc with buildings and wildlife in half of Great Britain. Scottish heather, and salmon and trout stocks in Wales, have suffered damage due to acid rain, caused mainly by

EMISSIONS of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides play a key role in the formation of acid rain and consequently, the acidification of soils. Production of nitrogen oxides leads to ozone build-up in

A clean and green way to reduce acid rain has been developed by Chang Yul Cha of the University of Wyoming in Laramie. The process cuts sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from coal-fired smokestacks

During the southwest monsoon (June to September) season of 2005 in Bangalore City, 32 bulk precipitation samples were collected from two sampling stations. Concentrations of major cations and anions were determined.

By leaching essential nutrients from top soil, acid rain threatens forests in more ways than previously thought

Calcium particles neutralise acid in the atmosphere

A haze of pollutants, the size of the US, covers a part of the Indian Ocean sky creating fears of acid rain, low rainfall and a change in environmental politics