Negotiations in the US House of Representatives on how to cut industrial pollutants that cause global warming reach a critical stage this week as President Barack Obama huddles with key lawmakers on Tuesday and Republicans ready for a fight.

Moderate increases in temperature and nitrogen from atmospheric pollution actually improve forest productivity. After more than 20 years of research in the northern hardwood forests of Michigan, scientists at Michigan Technological University's School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science have reached this surprising conclusion.

When an equal amount of sulphate (deposited by acid rain) was added, it reduced methane emission by 43 per cent.

Controlling methane emissions through acid rain? adding sulphate to soil in paddy fields is a popular method of controlling methane emission, to the tune of up to 70 per cent. In highly polluted countries such as India and China, acid rain also deposits a substantial amount of sulphate. This leads to more than required sulphate, which can be harmful for paddy. In such cases it becomes

health sciences Hooked, genetically Researchers of the University of Michigan, usa, have cracked the genetic secrets of nicotine addiction. Whether or not one gets hooked to smoking is dependent on a particular variant of a gene

food Light too affects drinks Conventional methods to test the shelf life of products, say on retail displays, focus on heat and ignore the effect of light. Scientists exposed a soft drink containing saffron to different levels of light at rising temperatures. They found that the beverage grew lighter in colour as the intensity of the light increased, confirming that light can cause a

Acid rain caused by industrial pollution could actually help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of agriculture, say scientists.

Research led by the Open University's Dr Vincent Gauci suggests that sulphur-based acid rain from atmospheric pollution could cut the methane emissions associated with cultivating rice by almost a quarter.

Tonne for tonne, methane is more than 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of global warming.

with the first spell of monsoon in mid-June people in Bargarh, Nuapada, Kalahandi and Sambalpur districts in Orissa experienced something they had never seen before: a grayish layer on leaves, vehicles and elsewhere.

Dean C. K. Cox for The International Herald Tribune The Dutch ship Schieborg, employed by Stora Enso, uses the shore-side electrical plug at the Port of Gothenburg. GOTHENBURG, Sweden