An evaluation of response of one disturbed, one rehabilitated and one mature forest soil in lower subtropic China to simulated acid rain (SAR) were studied using a controlled laboratory leaching experiment. Land use change is one of the important factors in controlling soil response to acid deposition.

there is growing evidence to believe that the incidence of acid rain is increasing in India. Many experts link the phenomenon with increasing industrialisation in the country. On August 23,

This report gives a detailed account of emissions trading schemes and their potential for environmental mitigation and profit generation. The authors cover the U.S. acid rain program, the Kyoto protocol and its clean development mechanism, the European Union emissions trading scheme, climate exchanges, China's pilot programs, and the possibility of linking up these disparate systems.

In India, H-acid (1-amino, 8-napthol, 3,6-disulphonic acid) is manufactured mainly by small and medium-sized enterprises with a production capacity of between ten and 100 tonnes per month. The

Trading in water pollution proposed

In the rush for economic growth, China ignored its environment. Now it faces a nightmare. The country is one of the most polluted in the world.

The link between acid rain and avian waste

Scientists became aware of acid rain more than a century ago

If fossil fuel emissions go unchecked, there is a possibility of sulphur dioxide emissions increasing four fold in India by 2020

A change is needed in government policy to discourage the use of fossil fuels. Strict pollution control measures have to be implemented