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Mumbai: Environmentalists have asked the government to find ways to curb the impact of oil spill that has been systemically destroying the beaches of Alibaug and Mumbai.

Tar balls have appeared on the beaches of Kihim, Murud-Janjira, Rewas-Mandwa and Kashid, near Alibag in Konkan. This follows the appearance of tar balls on Mumbai

MUMBAI: While Goa has to deal with tar balls that have appeared on its beaches in the past 10 days, similar balls have appeared on the beaches of Kihim, Murud-Janjira, Rewas-Mandwa and Kashid. Some of these beaches, like Kashid, still have pristine white sand and are a favourite hotspot for beachcombers and weekend tourists.

Despite a complete ban on sand mining on beaches, illegal mining is continuing at Alibaug, as confirmed by TOI during a visit to the
beach on Monday.

The present study consist the absorption, accumulation and partitioning of eight metals in order to find out the phytoremediation potential of the mangrove species Rhizophora mucronata (Lam.) in Alibag, Maharashtra, India.

MUMBAI: In a first case of its kind, the industries and development commissioner Malini Shankar has asked Raigad collector Nipun Vinayak to cancel the 13-year-old land transaction between Surya Industries and local farmers following failure of the unit to take off.

This article chronicles the peaceful struggle and eventual success of the people of Alibag, Maharashtra, against the attempts by corporate bodies, with the help of the state government, to grab land f

the forest department in Maharashtra has confiscated properties worth Rs 70 crore on 120 acres of forest land in the Alibagh forest division of Raigad district. Forest department officials seized