RESEARCHERS have identified a gene variant linked to a severe form of anaemia which may improve our understanding of iron metabolism, says a new study. A new variant of the gene TMPRSS6 was identified by studying the genome of 4,800 healthy individuals from Australia and the Netherlands.

Research conducted in the Gambia has shown that screening houses against mosquitoes helps reduce childhood malaria infection, death rates and anaemia. The report, published in The Lancet, found that screening windows and doors with netting, and closing eaves or installing net ceilings could reduce entry of malaria vectors into houses in an area of seasonal malaria transmission.

IT is not surprising that questions of food security and the right to food have become such urgent political issues in India today. The rapid growth of aggregate income over the past two decades has not addressed the basic issue of ensuring the food security of the population.

About 50 percent mother and children in Natore are affected with anemia while one third women of Natore district are suffering from long-term malnutrition, creating a sort of threat for a healthy nation.

Pepsi, which was founded and marketed by a pharmacist as a digestive syrup, is revisiting its roots with an ultra-cheap softdrink that will aid the fight against anaemia in women in rural India.

The product expected to be launched as early as next year may cost just Re 1 or Rs 2 for a drink, although a decision on the packaging is pending, sources familiar with the project said here.

View image Fifty per cent child deaths are due to malnutrition 230 million people in rural India are undernourished They account for 27 per cent of the world

A study conducted by National Family Health Survey revealed that more than 70 per cent middle-aged Indian women are iron deficient.

More than 400 million women suffer from anaemia due to iron deficiency.

Symptoms Like Hairfall, Pimples, Irritability Go Unnoticed: Docs
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New Delhi: More than 60% teenage Indian girls are anaemic with a haemoglobin count of less than 12g/decilitre, the world standard, says a top gynaecologist quoting recent studies. That

New Delhi: Nearly 63% of children in the 0 to six years group in Delhi suffer from anaemia. Pre-school education is available to only 2.7 lakh children in the three to six years group, out of the eligible 12 lakh. These figures are preliminary findings of an alternate report on the status of young children in India which was released on Monday.

New Delhi: The latest report of the Food Insecurity Situation in Rural India has revealed that while the stunting in children, access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation facilities have improved, the prevalence of anaemia has worsened in rural India.