A new safe method to detect anaemia in foetuses

a strain of genetically modified (gm)

An unusual craving for tomatoes could mean anaemia

Anaemia is a major health concern among women, especially pregnant ones, of developing countries

Jaques Fresco of Princeton Univer

Cutting back on blood transfusions for the critically ill can actually improve some patients' chances of survival, according to a study that may have a far-reaching impact on the treatment of the

The prevalence of anaemia among adolescent girls has been reduced from 52.4 per cent in 2004 to 43.5 per cent in 2007, revealed the Helen Keller International at a seminar on Monday.

Speakers at a workshop yesterday called for raising awareness among the people in controlling communicable and non-communicable diseases including malnutrition problem.

The study is the first compilation of clinical trial data

The final report of the third National Family Health Survey (nfhs-3) is out, but doubts remain whether it will be used to improve national health policies. Although 100-odd research papers have