...says the President of India while receiving CSE s first report on global environmental negotiations

Anil Agarwal, noted environmentalist and director of the Centre for

If we were to build a water splurging society like the West, we would eventually run short of water

Briefing paper on climate change for members of Parliament by Anil Agarwal - Calling upon policy makers to recognise India's stake in the international climate change negotiations.

This war of knowledge versus money is bound to intensify. We can only hope that public health concerns will be vindicated

NDA's promise on water is nothing more than words. And at best it means a lot of valuable taxpayer money literally thrown down the drain

Rajasthan shows interest in the successful watershed missions of Madhya Pradesh

It is dangerous to breathe in most Indian cities, and even though the government accepts this, precious little is being done about it.

I have often argued that there is no village in India which cannot meet its drinking water needs if it adopts the kundi technology developed by the people of Rajasthan s Thar desert

I see two objectives for urban planning in India: one, environmental sustainability and two, public participation in this planning