High levels of ‘ecological poverty’ – defined as the lack of a healthy natural resource which is essential for human society’s survival and development – are a key cause of the economic poverty of the world’s rural poor.

People pump out water as if it rains underground. There is no shortage of water but a dearth of application of mind

Bush s position is immoral and contemptous, but so is our inability to tell him he is wrong

Laboratory tests nail the Plantation Corporation of Kerala. The state government sets up an inquiry committee

Anil Agarwal delivers his acceptance speech for the Norman Borlaug Award 2001

This is not a crisis of CNG buses for Delhi but a crisis of governance

Even as the world abandons nuclear power, the Indian government and industry are pushing for it

Next time the Supreme Court gives an order it should add a rider: if the order isn t met, the government will have to pay a fine of Rs 10 lakh per day

It is still unclear who the new US president is. Even if he is favourably inclined towards the protocol there is every chance of it getting rejected by the Senate

Even as the fuel tax protest has hit the headlines, incessant rains have brought the issue of global warming and environmental mismanagement to the fore