Down To Earth articles on shahtoosh and Veerappan provoke comment. We decided to excerpt them. But first, the editor s rejoinder

Environmentalist Anil Agarwal, founder of CSE (Centre for Science and Environment), booming with concern, fighting to strike a balance between environment and development.

"A million Gandhis are not a problem but if you have a million Clintons, it's a big problem"

The local communities have done a good job in regenerating degraded forest lands

Will Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand be anything more than a few new stones?

It is time people established their relationship with water once again

CSE director is called upon to talk science and environment at a state governors meet

Are we so incompetent that we cannot even make a CNG engine work?

Naik s statement implies that a poor country like India, which otherwise wants to be declared a nuclear power, is so incompetent and third rate that it must live with pollution

Gujarat s minister for major irrigation projects needs to understand that big dams alone do not add up to water management