May soon vanish

Snow covered plants in the tundra start absorbing carbon dioxide in early spring itself

If global warming continues, polar ice caps will melt, wiping nations off our planet

Bromine from sea salt destroys low- level ozone in the Arctic, says a German scientist. Chain reactions triggered by bromine oxide are known to destroy ozone. Thomas Wagner of the University of

The ice layer is thinning and spring arrives sooner than expected. The Arctic is already experiencing the impacts of global warming

LARGE areas of western Siberia and the Arctic Ocean are facing threat of conta-mination by deposits of radioactive salts in a Ural Mountains lake, says Yuri Vishnevsky, head of the Russia's Nuclear

Welcome to Sheba. Here, 50 scientists will endure extreme weather conditions to better understand the Arctic climate and global warming

can icebergs from the Arctic solve the uk's water crisis? A British water company is examining whether it can tow giant icebergs from the Arctic circle to bring water to Britain's

THE threat posed by the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria, UK, has extended through the Arctic Ocean into the waters of northern Canada. According to a new Canadian study, the

THE Arctic is in the midst of a major climatic shift, warn Arctic scientists who have written to the US National Science Foundation (NSF) urging it to support a monitoring programme. No one knows