Concentrations of persistent organochlorine residues were determined in fish collected from several locations in eastern and southern Asia and Oceania to identifythe accumulation features of such residues in tropical aquatic organisms and to elucidate their distribution in tropical developing countries. DDT and its derivatives (DDTs) were the predominantly identified compounds in most locations.

energy Nigerians want to own their oil Thousands of workers in Nigeria protested in mid-May the proposed deregulation of the oil sector. The government in February said it would deregulate the downstream oil sector, which deals with refining of crude oil for domestic consumption. It is managed by the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. The government had also

Click here to Enlarge View The rapid disappearance of the Arctic sea ice in recent years and a record melt in 2007 due to global warming has led to a mad rush among countries bordering the region to claim petroleum deposits beneath the ocean floor At stake is About 22 per cent of the world

polar bear cubs have been found with severe deformities in the Norwegian Arctic territory. Pollution levels are known to be high in this region. Researchers have found some of the bears with

Away from human interference, the virgin Arctic islands are, ironically, more polluted than the distant industrialised settlements. And the reason is a filthy secret

Smaller version of mammoths may have inhabited Egypt long after they were thought to have become extinct