The Arctic and northern subpolar regions are critical for climate change. Ice-albedo feedback amplifies warming in the Arctic, and fluctuations of regional fresh water inflow to the Arctic Ocean modulate the deep ocean circulation and thus exert a strong global influence. By comparing observations to simulations from 22 coupled climate models, the researchers find influence from anthropogenic greenhouse gases and sulfate aerosols in the space-time pattern of precipitation change over high latitude land areas during the second half of the 20th century.

Five years ago Russia's rapidly growing oil exports were seen as the cure for the US and Europe's addiction to Middle East oil, international oil companies' most exciting potential source of revenue and the only thing that could quench China's insatiable new thirst.

With oil above 100 dollars a barrel and Arctic ice melting faster than ever, some of the world's most powerful countries -- including the United States and Russia -- are looking north to a possible en

The Arctic reflects what ails a world gripped by global warming. As the ice melts and nations vie for rich mineral resources once hidden under the snow, the writing on the wall is often ignored, says Fatima Chowdhury Thousands of miles away in the Arctic region, fate stands delicately balanced at the edge of time. Located at the North Pole, the region includes the Arctic Ocean surrounded by the five Arctic states

the Arctic was a fashionable destination this summer. A team of Russian researchers planted their country's flag there in August. The Canadians went there, so did the Danes, even India sent an

In 1937, Ivan Papanin led an expedition that planted the Soviet flag on the North Pole. He was feted by Stalin and lionised as a Soviet hero. In early August this year, the Kremlin honoured Artur

pulp appraisal: A federal court in Australia agreed to expedite an appeal hearing over an Aus $2 billion pulp mill proposal in Tasmania state. Environmental groups had challenged the government's

India sent its first team to the Arctic recently. Two of its members have returned with a variety of samples, some dating back to millions of years. ARCHITA BHATTA spoke with them "We found round

scientists have always been puzzled by hills mysteriously rising from the sea floor in the Arctic Ocean. A paper recently published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters (Vol 34 No 1) offers an

Spurt in freshwater flowing into the Arctic can affect climate