Question raised in Rajya Sabha on cleaning of river Ganga and Yamuna, 21/07/2014.

After the TOI report on a study by Central Ground Water Board which confirmed presence of arsenic above permissible limits in several localities of the city , instead of focusing on ways to remove

The groundwater in nearly 31 districts in Uttar Pradesh has been found to have a strong arsenic contamination which exposes the people to slow and consistent toxin.

Contamination Of Water Rings Alarm Bell

Residents of the city may have benefited from better access to groundwater, but it has also given rise to the threat of arsenic poisoning.

The Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, Updated Tables, July 2014 provides nationally representative biomonitoring data that has become available since the publication of the Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, 2009.

A growing number of studies link chronic exposure to inorganic arsenic (iAs) with risk of diabetes. Many of these studies assessed iAs exposure by measuring arsenic (As) species in urine. However, this approach has been criticized because of uncertainties associated with renal function and urine dilution in diabetic individuals. In this study the researchers measured concentrations of trivalent and pentavalent iAs, methyl-As (MAs), and dimethyl-As (DMAs) species in EUC from 374 residents of Chihuahua, Mexico, who were exposed to iAs in drinking water.

MORIGAON (Assam): A large number of fish were reported dead due to water pollution of three major rivers — Kolong, Kopili and Kiling — in Morigaon district, causing concern among environmentalists.

At least 428 people have been detected with arsenicosis, a slow poisoning disease leading to various complications, as massive arsenic contamination affects underground drinking water in different

Xiong Demin could not have foreseen that the mine he worked at for 32 years would leave his home village poisoned and hundreds of residents, including himself and his wife, stricken with cancer.