Duke Energy, the nation’s largest utility corporation, pleaded guilty on Thursday to criminal violations of the federal Clean Water Act for the discharge of coal ash, a potentially toxic waste prod

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on arsenic in ground water, 11/05/2015.

MADHUSUDANKATI, INDIA – Charity workers have teamed with an impoverished village in eastern India to develop what they say is the world’s cheapest bottle of drinking water — costing less than one U

A host of people in Comilla are suffering from arsenicosis, with the majority contracting the disease by drinking water rich in arsenic.

Twenty-five years in the making, a new nationwide rule is set to take effect this spring that will sharply restrict coal and oil-fired power plants from releasing mercury, arsenic and other hazardo

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on contaminated water-related health problems, 17/03/2015. The number of cases of water borne diseases reported under IDSP during the year 2014-15 is given in this document. As per information provided by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, 14,132 habitations are affected by contamination of fluoride and 1991 habitations are affected by Arsenic. The details are also at this document.

In Assam, groundwater in 21 districts has so far been found contaminated with high amounts of arsenic, while the groundwater of nine districts has been found to be contaminated with high amounts of

If you are tired of servicing you water purifier at home and thinking of switching over to 20 litre packaged drinking water for once and all, it's time you give it a re-think.

It is one of the most toxic substances known to man and has been used to poison kings, emperors and even prize winning racehorses.

In the late twentieth century, emergence of high rates of treatment failure with antimonial compounds (SSG) for visceral leishmaniasis (VL) caused a public health crisis in Bihar, India. We hypothesize that exposure to arsenic through drinking contaminated groundwater may be associated with SSG treatment failure due to the development of antimony-resistant parasites.

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