Question raised in Rajya Sabha on arsenic contamination of ground water, 02/03/2015. Also includes State-wise number of Arsenic affected habitations reported by States as on 1/4/2014 which are yet to be provided with safe drinking water.

With landscape view of long paddy fields, lush green trees, bushes and clustered houses, the Baheratoli is truly representing a traditional village of rural Bangladesh.

Previous studies indicate that breast milk arsenic concentrations are relatively low even in areas with high drinking water arsenic. However, it is uncertain whether breastfeeding leads to reduced infant exposure to arsenic in regions with lower arsenic concentrations. The researchers estimated the relative contributions of breast milk and formula to arsenic exposure during early infancy in a U.S. population.

Naturally occurring arsenic in private wells threatens people in many U.S. states and parts of Canada, according to a package of a dozen scientific papers to be published next week.

Arsenic is known to be one of the causative factors of gall bladder cancer in Bihar.

Once forced to drink arsenic- contaminated ground water, residents of a remote hamlet in West Bengal near Indo-Bangla border are now purifying water from ponds and selling packaged safe drinking wa

For decades, villagers in a rural area of Guangxi have seen their rice saplings wilt shortly after planting and found soft bones a common ailment.

The Allahabad High Court has asked the District Magistrate and Chief Medical Officer of Sonbhadra to form a committee to look into the issue of arsenic contamination of drinking water in several vi

Nearly 36 million people in the Bengal delta basin are exposed to high arsenic content in ground water says this Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG) report of 16th Lok Sabha and details corrective me

More than 1,500 times the permitted level of heavy metal has been found in soil in China’s south-central Hunan province, according to an unofficial environmental study.