Experts and medical professionals expressed their concern over the prevalence of arsenic, saying arsenicosis was a silent killer

Of the 341 blocks in the State, 81 blocks have water with more arsenic than the permissible limit and 49 blocks with more fluoride than the standard value.

Ban cigarette filters. Start a deposit-return scheme for used butts. Hold manufacturers responsible for clean-ups.

Sri Lanka's Department of Agriculture announced yesterday that it has officially lifted the ban on glyphosate with the Registrar of Pesticides as no justifiable reason has been found to impose a ba

This paper undertakes a review of current published information (peer-reviewed and grey literature) on Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka.

After laying inactive for 11 years, the Stocamine site will close, with some of the waste being conveyed back to the surface.

The Chinese government released a report on Thursday that said nearly one-fifth of its arable land was polluted, a finding certain to raise questions about the toxic results of China’s rapid indust

China’s soil is laced with pollutants including mercury and arsenic, according to a nine-year government survey, posing a threat to agriculture and human health and raising new concern about the en

As 60% of Sutana’s population is suffering from diseases due to fly ash generated from Panipat Thermal Power Station

Residents of Sutana, a village in Panipat, have participated enthusiastically in every Assembly and Parliamentary elections since Independence, but this time, they have decided to boycott the Lok Sabha elections slated for April 10.

Almost two decades after the discovery of arsenic, a poisonous metal in water, in groundwater at Kunuwar settlement in Ramgram Municipality-12, Nawalparasi, around 200 households still consume the