As the World Asthma Day is marked tomorrow, medical experts have urged the Federal Government to subsidise medications on the ailment and create specialised centres to manage it.

KOCHI: Data From Air Pollution Monitoring Stations Show High Suspended Particulate Matter .

University of Rochester Medical Center scientists have discovered new essential information about omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil and how they could be used for asthma patients.

33% patients with chronic respiratory condition do not have active, or symptomatic, asthma: study

In a city of 66.31 lakh vehicles, Bengaluru traffic policemen, who are managing the chaotic traffic, are more vulnerable to air pollution and respiratory problems, according to a recent study.

कानपुर : महानगर में धूल, वाहनों व फैक्ट्रियों का धुआं फेफड़ों की क्षमता प्रभावित कर रहा है। बढ़ते प्रदूषण की वजह से पुराने अस्थमा रोगी, सीओपीडी एवं लंग्स फाइब्रोसिस के मरीजों को लंग्स अटैक का खतरा ब

With arrival of winter and increase in smog, Delhi hospitals have witnessed a 30 per cent rise in respiratory and ocular complaints in the last two-three weeks.

The country’s biggest trash-burning facility has been issued with a notice to sue, with local residents complaining of the bad smell and pollution it produces

Meerut: A team from the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) landed in Meerut on Tuesday morning to launch an intensive study of pollution levels here.

Swiss firms have been criticised in a report for their links to the African trade in diesel with toxin levels that are illegal in Europe.